Eaglehawk Neck

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DISTANCES: Hobart 79Km, Port Arthur 21Km

But for a narrow strip of land only a few hundred metres wide, Tasman Peninsula would have been an island. This isthmus is known as Eaglehawk Neck.

Between 1830 and 1877, when the Port Arthur penal settlement was operating, a military guard establishment was located at the Neck. Guard dogs were tethered at short intervals and the area was continually patrolled. The system was most effective and only a few prisoners escaped, notably Martin Cash and his associates in 1843.

Eaglehawk Neck is notable for its unique coastal formations. The Tessellated Pavement is close to the Lufra hotel and a deviation of 6 km leads to The Blowhole, Devils Kitchen and Tasmans Arch. This road passes through Doo Town, a village where all the house names begin with ‘Doo’.

Eaglehawk Neck is a base for game fishing charter boats, sea-life cruises and diving. There is a hang-gliding area above Pirates Bay.

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