Gordon River (Strahan)

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DISTANCES: Hobart 298Km, Queenstown 41Km, Launceston 290Km

The Gordon River, about 193 km long, rises in Lake Richmond and flows into Macquarie Harbour. In its long winding journey to the sea, it traverses country still largely unexplored and flows by places well known for their natural beauty.

One of these is the Vale of Rasselas around which stand the beautiful peaks of Mount Wright, Wylds Craig and the lonely Denison Range. Another scenic spot is the gorge at the Knob where the river is hemmed in by the cliffs towering some 210m on either side.

Much of the country traversed by the Gordon is covered with dense rain forest where travel is extremely difficult and where walking parties are lucky if they can progress 2 km per day.

Since 1890, thousands of visitors each year have taken launch trips from Strahan to view the tranquil reflections and wild grandeur of the Gordon River, Tasmania’s largest river, navigable for 42 kms.

It was partly due to the spectacular majesty of the river that led to the declaration of the World Heritage Area in 1982, and today Strahan’s complement of cruise and sailboats provide access to this wilderness area.