Hastings (Caves)

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DISTANCES: Hobart 100Km

Just beyond the small township of Hastings, the road forks, with the left hand fork leading to Lune River.

Cockle Creek is a popular fishing spot and is the starting point for the noted south coast walk to South East Cape and Port Davey. Lune River is a haven for gem collectors and is the site of the old Ida Bay Railway, originally built to carry limestone used in the manufacture of acetylene gas.

From Hastings, the right hand fork leads to Hastings Caves, a further 10 kms. The caves, of which there are three, were discovered by timber getters in 1917 and are unique examples of dolomite formations. The Newdegate Cave was opened to the public in 1939 and is regarded as one of the most beautiful caves in Australia. Inspection times vary seasonally.

The thermal springs pool area at Hastings provides sheltered picnic areas, barbecues, streamside reserve walks, change rooms and toilets. A visitor centre is located here.