Islands we call home

Many people do not realise that Tasmania is actually a group of islands. In addition to the main island, that features the capital city of Hobart, there are several large inhabited islands such as Bruny Island, which is home to many people who commute to the capital. There are also other larger islands such as Flinders Island and King Island, both renowned for their natural produce. But there are also a wide variety of small islands, many uninhabited, that offer a genuine opportunity to leave behind the cares of everyday metropolitan life. When you look at the Visitors Guide Touring Map (.pdf, 800kB) you will see that the islands range dramatically in size. They also differ in character, climate and accessibility. The largest island of Tasmania is about 240km from the rest of Australia. If you keep heading south from Tasmania there is nothing except ocean and ice until you reach Antarctica, about 2000km away.

When you do arrive you will either be on a ship, such as one of the two "Spirit of Tasmania" vessels coming into Devonport; on a cruise ship arriving into the Derwent River in Hobart; or on an aircraft into Launceston, Devonport, Burnie or Hobart. No matter how you arrive you will be setting out to explore a section of Australia that offers a very broad spectrum of landscapes and climates.