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DISTANCES: Hobart 27Km, Port Arthur 77Km,

An important agricultural and service centre, Sorell was so called after Lieutenant-Governor Sorell, in whose time (1821), the official foundation of the township took place. Prior to that the district was named Pittwater. Lt. Governor Sorell took a great interest in his namesake and there is a local legend that he considered making it the state capital.

The Sorell causeway was completed in 1866. The only road link between the town and the Derwent shore, from 1825 until that date was through Richmond. In 1892 a railway was opened from Bellerive to Sorell but this closed in 1926. From 1816 until 1860, Sorell was the granary of Tasmania and for over twenty years for New South Wales also.

It is still an important agricultural district with emphasis on prime lamb production.


Sorell Fruit Farm, Vineyards, Forcett Lakes Golf Club, Murraville Golf Club, Antiques and second hand shops, Markets, Fishing and fish markets, Copping museum.


Golf at Tasmania Golf Course, Tasman Highway, Barilla Bay (7 km), bowls, tennis, yachting at Midway Point.