Trout fishing in the Central Highlands

For the past century, anglers from all over the world have been coming to Tasmania to experience the State's legendary wild trout fishery. Brown trout were brought here from England in the mid 1800s, and were introduced or spread naturally across the State forming sustainable populations in ideal trout habitat.

The Central Highlands area is Tasmania's premier trout fishing destination and caters for all types of trout angling. For trout anglers there's nothing quite as perfect as trolling a line in Lake King William, drifting a dry fly on Little Pine Lagoon or baiting a hook at Arthurs Lake.

The area contains the State's most popular lakes, such as Arthurs and Great Lake, Little Pine Lagoon and the Bronte system, plus dozens of other productive fisheries. When the Western Lakes are included, the angler has access to literally hundreds of great fishing destinations. Some Central Highland lakes are restricted to fly fishing or fly and lure fishing only, so it's important to check the regulations before setting off.

Hydro-electric development in the area has opened up the lake country and the building of dams in the 50s and 60s created some great fishing waters. Several of these hydro storages provide anglers with additional opportunities to encounter brown, rainbow and brook trout. Despite the taming of rivers to harness power, the building of roads and power stations in the wilderness, the spirit of nature prevails in the lonely bushlands and in the silent stretches of water.